We recently got this new amazing VITAMIN & SEA Mineral Clay Mud Mask and we absolutely love it!

This organic dead sea mud based mask contains sweet almond oil, bitter almond oil and honey that are full of vitamins B1, B2, C, A, D and E . Make sure to apply a good thick layer of the mask on your face and neck if desired, give your face a rest from any mimical expressions for about 15-20 minutes till the mask becomes dry, and then gently wash it off with a warm water! Right after you will feel that you skin is tighter, softer tingled skin !
Vitamin and Sea mud mask softly exfoliates, eliminates toxins, promotes circulation, cleanses and strengthens your skin, protects from daily free radical damage and balance your skins moisture, and works immediate wonders on all skin types giving a soft, tight, sexy, radiant glow.

This product is:

* made with certified organic ingredients
* environmentally friendly
* vegan
* fair trade
* certified blue
* hypoallergenic
* made in Canada
* cruelty free
* fragrance free
* sulfate free
* paraben free
* silicone free
* dye free
* synthetic free
* petro-chemical free

P.S. and we are giving additional credit for an adorable jar packaging that will look so good on your beauty shelf!

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( Thumbs up for showing the sacred  moment of masked face )


and VOILA!
soft, radiant, tight skin 30 minutes later!