How To Choose the Best Sunscreen

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Picture your vacation scene: you are laying on a warm, sandy beach with a cool drink close by, the warm breeze ruffles your hair, while the smell of saltwater rises in the air. You are loving the hot sun on your skin, and you’ve escaped winter’s frigid temperatures. But in the back of your mind, you’re worried about whether your sunscreen is protecting you from burning, hyperpigmentation, and premature aging.

With so many sunscreens on the market, how do you choose which one best protects your skin? Not to mention SPF, and the fact that most of us still want to tan safely even while wearing sun protection. What about tanning if we already have sun damage such as hyperpigmentation and wrinkles?  Sun protection is key, and that’s why we need to choose the one we love!

Enter Esthederm, a revolutionary sun care line which goes against some conventional wisdom. Esthederm’s creator was allergic to the sun as a child and firmly believes that we don’t have to hide from it – we just have to train our skin to work with natural sun rays. Rather than overprotecting our skin, we should build natural defenses by using tanning to our advantage. If we limit damage from free radicals, Esthederm believes that tanning does not age the skin.

Sunscreen is all about customization and responding to your skin’s needs and tanning desires based on your natural skin colour and the way it reacts to UV light. With five main categories, Esthederm has every skin type covered so that everyone can really enjoy basking in the sun, completely worry-free.

Here are a few of our top picks.

Prepare and Adapt the Skin to the Sun

Prepare your skin to tan up to two weeks before sun exposure with Bronz Impulse. This amazing product also works hard during sun exposure and after it, to prolong your tan.

Tan Safely

Tan without worrying about wrinkles with Bronz Repair. Available for strong and normal sun, it prevents and helps minimise the appearance of wrinkles, leaving skin smooth and supple, all while providing the highest protection by filtering out harmful UVA and UVB rays.


With Photo Regul, tan with less visible brown spots and achieve a golden, uniform and youthful glow. Packed with soothing active ingredients designed to help slowdown photo-aging and cellular damage, a bonus feature is that this product can be used as your day cream all summer long.

Suncare for Intolerant Skin

If you burn at the hint of sun or have reactions such as rashes, then your skin type needs extra protection. UV Protect Cream is a 100% mineral coverage with SPF 50+, a strong UVA/UVB filter, and is formulated to lighten brown spots. Ideal for daily protection or following a cosmetic procedure, it’s great for busy women on the go who have oily skin.

After-Sun Care

Depending on how cautious you were about using the right sun protection, Esthederm has three types of after-sun care to soothe your skin.  Repair After-Sun Intense deeply moisturises and helps combat wrinkles; After-Sun Care SOS immediately relieves sunburns, while Tan Enhancing Lotion helps hydrate and prolong your tan. Love it!

Sun Water

We cannot rave enough about Eau Cellulaire Mist! It offsets skin dehydration and mineral salt loss related to sun exposure. The skin looks and feels refreshed and amazing.

So go ahead, apply your next layer of protection, take another sip of that delicious cool drink, and have fun in the sun!

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