We recently spotted Odacité in Dress To Kill’s Spring Issue Article Conscious Beauty and got really excited. The more people fall in love with this amazing skincare line the better!

The founder Valerie Grandury created Odacité after being diagnosed with cancer. Although she wanted to cut toxins, she didn’t want to sacrifice the results of traditional skincare. Her moto is “efficacy+purity.” Born in Paris and living in Los Angeles, she combined her French passion for luxury skincare with California green living. This certified organic, vegan & cruelty free, non-GMO line sources only the best ingredients from around the world. Talk about a commitment to purity!

The serums from this line target specific skin concerns such as wrinkles, pimples, or dullness. They can be used on their own or mixed with your current face cream. Like a good diet, it’s important to feed your skin with a variety of ingredients; one you finish one serum, go for a new one! Best of all, these essential oils glide onto the skin, absorb like a dream and smell heavenly.

She also has a range of creams, including a time release cream designed to maximize the impact of her serums.

So go green, go clean, go Odacité!