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Few trends have rocked the makeup world so thoroughly in the past few years as highlighting and strobing. We can’t seem to get enough of sculpted cheekbones and glowing skin. Whether you want the highlight to be visible from outer space, or simply to emphasise key features in a natural way, having that favourite product is key. And what if you are wanting to move towards organic makeup without compromising quality and effectiveness? It can be difficult to find a versatile highlighter.

Fortunately for us, some brands just know how to deliver over and over. The new RMS Beauty Luminizing Powders are absolutely divine. Oh. My. Goodness. The satin powder formula allows for a subtle glow or a buildable glamour that is sure to blind those within a couple of feet. The ultra-fine mineral pigments are non-drying and will enhance your skin to create a luxurious highlight.

Here is a quick introduction to the new colours.
  • Grande Dame: an alluring moonlit-champagne luminosity
  • Midnight Hour: a glowing rose-gold radiance
  • Madeira Bronzer: an enchanting sun-kissed bronzed highlight

For those familiar with the brand’s cream highlighters, the new luminizing powders are inspired by favourite RMS Beauty products: Magic Luminizer (Grande Dame), Master Mixer (Midnight Hour) and Buriti Bronzer (Maderia Bronzer).

Here are some of our recommendations for different skin tones to avoid looking ashy or unnaturally dark. That being said, aesthetic preference and undertones in the skin make a big difference, so please be sure to try before you buy!

For medium to dark skin tones, Madeira Bronzer provides a nice glow. For medium to light skin tones, Midnight Hour is beautiful as a highlight or as a glow, while Madeira Bronzer works really well as a luminous bronzer. For light skin tones, Grande Dame is a diaphanous highlighter, Midnight Hour works as a warming blush highlighter, and Madeira Bronzer as a luminous bronzer (although the bronzer may be too dark for the lightest skin tones).

Unlike traditional powders, which tend to be drying, these luminizing powders challenge traditional formulas while preserving their healing nutrients. They even sit nicely on mature skin with fine lines, and on dryer skin. The secret? RMS Beauty presses their powders without heat exposure, such as baking, to preserve the integrity of their ingredients and unnecessary drying of the skin. Using the highest-grade minerals in the industry, they also use exceptionally healing buriti oil. They are also non-GMO, non-nano, soy-free, gluten-free, and cruelty-free.

These versatile, silky and gorgeous new luminizing powders have already found their way into our hearts and makeup bags, and we are sure that you will love them as well!

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