Secrets to Your Best Makeup Revealed!

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You’ve been invited to a destination wedding or as a last minute plus one. You can’t wait to wear that cute little dress and test out your new curler for perfect beach waves hair. But you’re nervous about doing your makeup — eyeshadow is not your strong suit. What to do? Follow these simple tricks to look amazing, no matter where you are!

Prep Is Key

Prep is the most overlooked step in makeup. Trust us, you’ll thank yourself later. Give your face a gentle and thorough exfoliation (twice a week ideally!). Apply a good toner to balance your PH and tighten your pores, a serum to maximise hydration, and a cream to finish it all off. We recommend a lightweight but hydrating formula for summer. Let the product absorb. Voila, your most beautiful base, ever!

A primer is great for longer-lasting makeup. Primers can have different characteristics: they can mattify, smooth, minimise pores, or make skin glow beautifully. Ultimately, your makeup look is more polished. We really love the Glow Base by La Biosthetique. Next, you’re ready to apply your foundation with a brush or a damp Beauty Blender, whichever you prefer.

Since a special event makeup needs to look perfect for a few hours, taking your time to apply it is key. Several thin layers of makeup will last longer and look more natural than one rushed thick layer. It’s often easiest to create a statement eye makeup for an event since it requires less touch-up than lipstick. If tutorials online are confusing or intimidating, have no fear! A little makeup can go a long way to making you look well put together, and a look doesn’t have to be complicated to be pretty.

Beautiful Eye Makeup

The easiest eyeshadow tones to work with are natural or neutral colours that most closely resemble skin tones; think browns, soft pinks, taupes and champagne. Black eyeshadow adds more drama, and so do shimmery products. Applying eyeshadow at the lower lash line will also enhance your eyes. Lining the inside of the lid will create more intensity but can also make the eyes look smaller.

A classic smoky eye is an easy look to create for almost any eye shape, including hooded eyes and monolids. Always use a primer for your eyeshadow. The easiest way to create a beautiful look is to just blend the edges where the colours touch. Or you can start by covering the entire area with the lightest shade (such as ivory or soft pink), and then apply the transition shade from lash line to crease (such as a taupe or caramel), add a dab of the medium colour on the lid (such as champagne or bronze), and the darkest hue just at the lash line (such as black). Each progressive layer will add depth and blend naturally. To avoid too much eyeshadow at once, try dabbing off the excess product on a white tissue before applying the brush to your lid. Use at least two eyeshadow brushes – one for lighter colours and one for darker ones – to avoid a muddy look. Waterproof mascara is your BFF for a big night out. Another great option is a tubing mascara that is even more resistant to smudging, crumbling and tears (we’re probably not the only ones who cry at weddings!) A good one to try: Kevyn Aucoin Curling and Volume tubing mascaras, which is also one of our all-time favourites.

Flawless Makeup Finishes

Although most of the newest high-performance foundation formulas don’t really need powder to make them set — and too much powder can make skin look cakey – a light dusting of bronzer, blush, or highlighter is always welcome to add light and a bit of colour, and help mattify the critical T-zone (forehead, nose, chin).

If your lipstick tends to feather, use a lip primer and lip liner. Don’t be afraid to apply a clear lip primer slightly past your natural lip line. Then apply liner. Keep your lipstick within the boundary of your lip liner to minimise chances of your lipstick bleeding through. Matching your blush and lipstick will help pull the look together. You know you’ve picked a good shade when your skin looks luminous and your eyes sparkle!

As a last step, include some items for touch-ups in your purse: Q-tips to clean up eyeshadow, blotting paper for an oily t-zone and lipstick to freshen up. If you’re rocking fake lashes, you may also want to include in a tube of glue just in case of a pesky mishap. And there you have it, a beautiful party look for any occasion!

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