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Crème N°2 L'Essentielle

par Payot

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This melt-in balm soothes intolerant skin and offers a break to overwhelmed skin by providing it with only what it needs.

It instantly calms and soothes all sensations of discomfort (tingling, tightness, warm sensations, etc.) and rebalances the skin flora to strengthen the skin’s defences and make it more resistant to external aggression.

It provides skin with daily hydration, restoring comfort and suppleness to it.

A tailor-made product which responds to the needs of all women: daily care for intolerant skin, a soothing treatment for overwhelmed skin.

Its ultra-fresh balm texture melts delicately on the skin to soothe, instantly comfort and envelop skin in a bubble of serenity.

A fragrance-free formula, with the most skin-friendly ingredients.

40 ml

The skin is soothed and comforted.
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