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Blue Techni Liss Jour

par Payot

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Blue Techni Liss Jour is a smoothing anti-wrinkle day care. It helps the skin keep its bearings and fights against the effects of our hectic lifestyles marked by digital pollution and overexposure to blue light. The result? Our biological clock is out of sync and the skin no longer distinguishes between day and night.

With Blue Techni Liss Jour, the skin is protected throughout the day by enjoying the benefits of natural light thanks to its cocktail of active ingredients and its anti-blue light shield. The skin is protected from the effects of blue light, wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed out and expression lines linked to the day's tensions are reduced.

You will love its ultra-melting texture that fuses with the skin for a soft and comfortable finish all day long.

50 ml

The skin is rested in the morning and looks like new.
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