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Living Coral – Hair and Makeup Trends

Every year, The Pantone Color Institute, an iconic name in fashion, defines and forecasts global colour trends: For 2019, it’s Living Coral! This shade “embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment.”  This vibrant, yet mellow hue will be the inspiration for makeup, clothes, accessories and home décor. Corals and buoyancy combined means only one thing:  80s inspired looks are back in full force! Here are some makeup and hair suggestions you can explore and enjoy in 2019. With living coral in mind, the key to a complete look is to pick …

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Better Sleep Thanks to Massage Blog Annie Young Boutique Spa

Better Sleep Thanks to Massage

Sleep, that golden magical time when we dream, and, also, the time when our brains rest and repair so we can fully enjoy the next day. It’s no wonder that we are perpetually on the hunt for that perfect mattress or blackout curtains. Since it’s so important to us all, it seems that every other day, a new app is launched promising better sleep by providing white noise or relaxing calming sounds, such as rain drops. Other people swear by essential oils or specific bedtime rituals to help them sleep, such as  warm soothing baths or moments of meditation. And …

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How To Choose the Best Sunscreen

Picture your vacation scene: you are laying on a warm, sandy beach with a cool drink close by, the warm breeze ruffles your hair, while the smell of saltwater rises in the air. You are loving the hot sun on your skin, and you’ve escaped winter’s frigid temperatures. But in the back of your mind, you’re worried about whether your sunscreen is protecting you from burning, hyperpigmentation, and premature aging. With so many sunscreens on the market, how do you choose which one best protects your skin? Not to mention SPF, and the fact that most of us still want …

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Get Rid of Winter Skin - Blog - Annie Young Boutique Spa

Get Rid of Winter Skin

Winter’s harsh weather takes a toll on your largest organ – your skin! While drinking enough water and eating healthy are key ingredients, there are other ways to be proactive. Take it from our highly qualified estheticians: treatments, topical creams and proper sun protection are an absolute must. The first step to gorgeous summer skin is getting rid of the old dead surface cells. Esthetician  Mirela Otoiu Stanescu recommends a Gel Peel to start. Follow this up with a an Oxygen Facial or Collagen Facial to boots hydration, rejuvenate skin, and increase elasticity. According to Mirela, another key element is …

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Summer Glow

For those of us not blessed enough to live in the southern hemisphere, getting enough rays for a tan can be tricky. Pasty winter skin can be a little … well, embarrassing. Have no fear, Vita Liberata is here! Be a bronzed goddess with their range of professional products and fabulous self-tanners. Here are the details on a few of the most popular products. Be informed to customise the best routine for you! 1. Spray Tan Vita Liberated is a non-toxic and organic formula. The active ingredient DHA, is derived from sugar beets, and is a safe way to tan. …

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